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Guide:How to Choose the Best Topic for a Case Study?

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How to Choose the Best Topic for a Case Study?

To start with, let us provide a case study definition. A case study, also known as a case study research method, is the process (and record) which involves an in-depth and detailed examination of a subject and all the factors affecting it. The acquired data and results of a research study are summed into a case study essay. Broadly speaking, there are 4 different types of case studies: the “no prior knowledge/no theory first”, the “gaps and holes”, the “social construction of reality”, and the “anomalies identifier” case studies.

The vital question is: how to write a good case study? Now, writing an academic case study is not an easy task. And, without a doubt, the most difficult part of the process of writing a case study is finding case study topics. It is the make or break point, since it defines the entire study, the course of action, the level of involvement on your part and, above all, the amount of knowledge and experience that you’ll gain in the process. What is more, interesting case study topics inspire students to work harder and increase the level of enjoyment, while boring topics tend to make a project a lot more difficult.

There are a few ground rules when choosing the best topic for a case study. First and foremost, you need to find a topic which you’ll find enticing. If you know where your interest lay, finding the perfect topic will surely help your professional development. Furthermore, try finding case study topic ideas which are somehow original and/or authentic. Lastly, always search for topics whose findings will be socially beneficial.

    That being said, there are a few steps you could take when choosing the best topic for a case study:

  • discuss with your teacher and pitch your interest – try to define a topic together;
  • visit a library and browse books which are not typical for you – an alternative perspective might help you find an interesting topic;
  • search and analyze social media content; from YouTube vlogs to Facebook fan pages – they always have lively comment sections, which might inspire you;
  • talk to professionals who work in a field you are interested in – there might be topics with which you are not familiar and are worth doing a research on;
  • discuss with your close ones about your points of interest – they might provide an invaluable insight.

Once you choose the perfect topic, the case study research will develop a lot easier than you might think.

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