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What Is the Basic Structure of Dissertation?

dissertation structure

A dissertation is an academic document which summarizes a research, more often than not submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree. As expected, it absolutely has to adhere to a specific form, i.e. there is an extremely rigid structure of writing a dissertation and a fixed order of dissertation chapters.

Now, many students struggle with writing dissertation chapters since each and every one of the chapters in dissertation writing serves a highly specific purpose. Fear not – the dissertation chapter writing help we offer saved hundreds of students on their path towards academic excellence.

Writing a dissertation chapter is easy once you figure out the order of the chapters and the purpose they serve. The order and the content of each chapter goes as follows:

The process of writing a dissertation introduction chapter starts with a general description of the area of concern and explanation of the significance of the problem. Then, the introductory chapter presents the research question and the hypotheses, before providing a short summary of the rest of the dissertation.

In this chapter, the writer provides the historical background related to the topic. Then, the focus shifts towards the theoretical background which is relevant to the research questions and the hypotheses, while reflecting on the existing body of research concerning the topic.

Most writers struggle the most with writing dissertation methodology chapters, although the structure and content of this chapter are highly formulaic. You need to explain in detail the criteria for the choice of the participants, the process of data collection, the tools and instruments used for data collection, and the reasoning behind your method of subject analysis.

Writing the findings chapter of a dissertation starts with reiterating the research questions. The author goes on to present the results (without interpreting them) in the same order as the research questions. Writing results chapter dissertation demands a lot of organization and clarity while presenting the information gathered during the research. When writing the results chapter, make sure you summarize the results at the end of each section using tables and figures.

When writing the discussion chapter of a dissertation it is vital to interpret the data presented in the Findings/Results section, while answering the research questions, i.e. the author summarizes the results in non-statistical terms by explaining their significance for answering the research question.

As the name suggests, writing a conclusion chapter is the process of confirmation or refutal of the initial hypotheses by correlating the findings and their interpretation with the theoretical framework provided in the literature review section. Lastly, writing a conclusion chapter dissertation, the author states the limitations of the research and recommendations for future research.

Writing dissertation chapters might be hard and challenging, especially for beginners, but with a clear outline, it becomes easier after a little bit of practice.

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